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  • How to place an order?
    To place an order, please send an email with a question about the selected machine specifying the type, model and required parameters. We recommend using the contact form below. After receiving a commercial offer from us with specific purchase conditions, please make an advance payment in the amount specified in the offer.
  • How long will the delivery of the machine take?
    Depending on the availability of the machine, the delivery time specified in the offer will be from 2 to 120 days (machine ordered by the manufacturer). Some machines are available in stock in Poland.
  • How does the payment for the machine look like?
    The amount to be paid via bank transfer will be agreed depending on the availability of the machine and will be included in the offer prepared by us individually.
  • What does the price of the machine include?
    The price includes the cost of the machine along with additional services specified in the offer depending on the value of the machine (e.g. delivery, service after purchase).
  • How can you finance the purchase of the machine?
    We offer assistance in obtaining favorable leasing conditions in EFL Leasing and Santander Leasing,
  • Can I see a previously selected machine?
    Each time we recommend looking at the selected machine before buying in order to thoroughly get acquainted with its operation and check whether it meets your expectations. We have some of the machines presented on our website in our warehouse. If you want to see a machine that we do not have in stock, and which was previously purchased by another customer, the ability to see the machine will depend on the consent of its owner.
  • How long will I wait for the machine to be installed? How long will it take to install the machine?
    The machine will be installed within 3-5 business days of delivery. The machine installation process depends on its complexity, installation usually takes 1-2 business days.
  • How will I know how to operate the machine? Will the machine be accompanied by a user manual?
    We attach the DTR user manual to every purchased machine. After installing the machine, we perform initial training of service employees in the client's company. For the simplest machines, training takes place in our warehouse.
  • Is there any warranty period for the machines?
    Yes, we give 12 months warranty for the machines. In addition, we provide maintenance services after the warranty period.
  • Where can I buy adhesives, adhesive tapes etc. for machines?"
    We recommend the following suppliers: 1) Purchase of adhesive tapes for the MZC KN 40 corner gluing machines AWMPAK Address: ul. Heliotropów 21 04-796 Warszawa tel. 22 612 63 11 INTERMAT Address: ul. Ratuszowa 11, 03-450 Warszawa tel. 22 818 95 84 2) Purchase of adhesives for wrapping rigid boxes for the MZC LT SK 650 machine FOBARO Sp. z o.o Address: ul. Robocza 40, 61-517 Poznań tel. 069 81 66 616
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